Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

What a great fun ;)

On Saturday my friend arrived. I picked her up in Bournemouth and we drove to Sandbanks to take a ferry to Swanage. Swanage is a small town which is located at the eastern end of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site.

We parked the car and took a walk along the cliffs.... we had to be very careful because it was very windy but the view was amazing :) You feel so free... 

Afterwards we drove along the Jurassic Coast to Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch. It is very impressive :)

In the evening we went to an English pub and ate Fish 'n' Chips... and I got a whole fish... it was nice but definitely too much!

On Sunday we drove to the sea. We took a blanket with us and were sitting on the beach, chating and eating cookies.

Then we took a walk along the promenade to the pier of Bournemouth. In Bournemouth we went shopping and I bought some nice new things :)

In the evenings we had a nice dinner in a restaurant with a view onto the sea. 

Unfortunately it`s my last week in England and I have to leave on Saturday – but I had a wonderful time here :) I enjoyed every second and it was an amazing experience for me!!!

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Lucky to be here :)

The weekend before last two friends from Germany were visiting us. They arrived on Saturday and the weather was really good ... the sun was shining and we decided to go the beach. It was too cold to go swimming in the sea but it was really nice to feel the sand under the feet. 

On Sunday we decided to drive to Bournemouth to go shopping. Unfortunately the weather wasn`t as good as the day before. It started to rain and we had to walk back to the car for 20 minutes – we were completely wet!!!

Last weekend I was in Wales and I visited Bath. Bath is an old Roman town which is worth a visit. The City of Bath was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1987. 

In front of the famous Roman Baths I saw a girl playing nice music on a strange instrument called the hang which is only played by two people in the world. 

On Saturday evening I went to a Folk Festival in Wimborne. They played live music on a big stage and I had a lot of fun.

On Sunday my host family took me to a cute English pub. I ate a typical English roast and drank Ale. It was so delicious!!! 

This weekend a friend of mine is visiting me here and we want to see some nice places. Be excited about what happens next!!!

Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Here a short report about my last days and some pictures :-)

The Sunday before last I took a walk to the town center of Wimborne. It´s a sweet little town with lots of green places, little rivers and nice walkways. 


On Saturday I drove to Bournemouth. I walked along the beach to the town center. Bournemouth is a nice town with beautiful gardens and good opportunities to go shopping ;)

Yesterday I was in the New Forest – one of the most beautiful places I´ve ever seen … everything is green … there are trees, flowers, bushes and hayfields as far as the eye can see … I visited a few little villages and looked up to the beautiful nature.

But the most impressive experience was to see animals everywhere – and I mean everywhere …. there is only one rule and that is “cow before car” ;)

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Hello to everyone :-)

Hello, I´m Carina and I have been in England for 2 weeks now.
Take part in my experiences and enjoy reading the blog...

The first question I asked myself before I left was “What am I expecting from my stay abroad?” and the answer was simple: a lot!!!
First I was keen to meet my host family, my colleagues at work and new people. I was also interested in visiting sights and landscapes. And of course I wanted to improve my language skills. The only thing I was afraid of was driving on the “wrong” side ;-)

My journey started at 4 a.m. in the night  so I had to say goodbye to a sleepy boyfriend ;-)
I got through the journey in good time and I arrived at the port of Calais at 9 o´clock. I was therefore able to take a ferry earlier … I really enjoyed the crossing – I was sitting on the deck and the sun was shining...


After leaving the ferry the adventure began … the first roundabout with two lanes was waiting for me and I nearly took the wrong exit … but fortunately I recognized that before driving against the traffic and so I passed the roundabout twice ;-) The rest of my trip was really nice and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside.

I finally arrived in the afternoon and I was excited to meet my host family.
And I can tell you: I´m a really lucky girl – my host family is very nice and friendly, they have a cute baby and live in a gorgeous area… so I felt safe and homelike directly.

On Sunday my host family and I visited two bigger cities near to us – Poole and Bournemouth. It´s really nice there and we had a lunch in a restaurant on the beach – so you can understand that I think I´m on holiday :)
We took a walk and I fell in love with this area immediately. It was really surprisingly for me because I´ve never thought that England is so amazing. Near to us there is also the fourth expensive region of the world!

On Monday I started working in our subsidiary. I met a lot of people and everybody was very friendly. I´m working in the marketing department and I have had a lot of fun :)
My host father and I cycle to work every day and that´s really nice …

Last weekend I visited a friend of mine in London and we had a great time ...

Yesterday my host family and I visited some friends who live on a big farm. We sat all together in the garden and enjoyed the sun. Their garden was the most beautiful one  I´ve ever seen :)

Then we took a walk. Close to their property is the “New Forest” - a gorgeous area of southern England with pasture land, heathland and forest. I can hardly describe how amazing it is there. 

That´s why I want to visit New Forest again next weekend. So follow my blog and
look forward to finding out what happens next week. 

Samstag, 26. März 2011


That's me - Sabine

I’m Sabine and I’m spending 10 weeks in Wales. Being abroad is part of my apprenticeship for becoming an industrial clerk EU. The first week is over now and we did a lot of different things.

The journey

Our cars

We drove to GB with 5 cars. Our class was split into two halves (I’m part of the second group) and in the second group we were 10 students on our way to Llangollen. We are spending 2 weeks in Llangollen in order to be near the language school ECTARC where we are taking part in a language course. At the end of the 10 weeks we will take the Trinity exam and receive a certification.

On our journey the GB we passed the Netherlands and Belgium and we travelled by ferry to England. In England the drivers had to reorganize themselves, including me, because you have to drive on the left hand side and there are lots of roundabouts. But after some time we became used to driving on the “wrong” side.

Arrival at Llangollen

Sarah & me
We arrived at our host families on Sunday evening. During the first two weeks I am staying together with Hannah and Sarah in one family.

Me & Hannah

First of all after our arrival we got a sandwich. After unpacking our cars we went to one of the local pubs, The Sun. At the Sun our classmates (1st and 2nd group) and our English teacher Mrs Baecker were waiting for us. Mrs Baecker told us things like when school starts on Monday. In addition it was her birthday so we were celebrating it.

The kitchen of ECTARC

On Monday the staff of ECTARC told us where we had to work after the first two weeks. I’m going to work at the radio station at the University of Wrexham. I’m very excited! It sounds very interesting for me.
After school in the afternoon, Mrs. Baecker made us climb up the hill to Dinas Bran, the remains of a very old castle. We became aware of the height while we were walking up hill. Even though the hike was quite exhausting, we did not regret having climbed as the view
on the landscape is very beautiful. You can see it on the pictures                                                                           


Prison Break :D


On Wednesday the weather was beautiful and we all travelled to Chester, a very old Roman town, by car. At first our English teacher took us on a short tour around the ancient city walls. So we got a first impression of the town which is called “Diva”. We saw very old and beautiful buildings of the Victorian Age which aer built on Roman foundations.  While walking around we saw a group of school children in Roman uniforms. They stood in an open circle and a man who was disguised as a Roman soldier talked to them and asked them questions on Roman history.


Chez Jules

Wednesday was the day when our teacher had to return to Germany. After shopping in Primark, Chester we ate together in a pretty restaurant called “Chez Jules”… and said goodbye.

Primark is a shopping paradise. There are lots of clothes and accessories for little money. When you get the possibility to go there for shopping, do it! J

Every evening we went to the pubs in Llangollen. There we met some classmates of the other groups. Friday was one of the best days. We were in the Prince of Wales and sang Karaoke. It was great fun.

Cheshire Oaks

On Saturday afternoon we travelled to Cheshire Oaks for shopping. It’s a big outlet centre. There you can find brands like Adidas, Nike, Bench and others for little money. But not everything is really cheap. ;)

Parking at Cheshire Oks

After clubbing

In the evening we went to Wrexham for clubbing. The name of the club was “Central Station”. The music was very loud, but we enjoyed the evening and drove home by a taxi.